Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nerf Elite "Jolt"

Nerf Elite Jolt? As seen on
back of Elite Nerf Vest box.
Nerf hasn't officially announced a retooled version of the Jolt for the Elite line yet, and much speculation has gone around online after images of the blaster surfaced in box art and promotional pictures. More recently a Jolt with an elite color scheme can seen on the back of the box of the Elite Nerf Vest.

However, apparently this may not be the final product. A video has surfaced online showing a fully functional version of the Nerf Triad EX-3.  Externally, and in operation this blaster is vary similar to the Jolt, but seems to be intended to blast three darts. Also, this seems to use an elite version of "whistler" darts. The video is in Chinese, but the fully functional blaster can be seen demonstrating each barrel working, and not just there for dart storage! However, the video does not show all three darts firing simultaneously, leaving many questions unanswered. Is this an elite version of the Jolt, or a completely new blaster?

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