Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orange Mod Works Retaliator Unleashed

Orange Mod works has announced their Retaliator "Unleashed" kit. The kit (also known as "Stage 1") will feature a trigger catch, two double strength trigger catch springs (in case you lose one), a reinforcement plate, and a 5+ kg mainspring. The spring should be close to double the strength of the stock spring.

From Orange Mod Works Facebook page:
"Hey guys, the Retaliator Stage 1 kit will be available for pre-order on September 14. Our planned release date for this kit is October 30. All pre-orders will ship with a metal trigger. If you wish to purchase a spring on its own, those will be available for purchase next week for the price of $6.00. As a final note, unlike previous preorders, we will be unable to split any shipments that include the Retaliator kit, as our new store software will not allow us to do so. As such, all orders that include a Retaliator Stage 1 kit will be shipped in their entirety upon the release of the kit. If you want other items with the Retaliator kit prior to its release, be sure to place separate orders (one for the Retaliator kit, one for everything else)."
The pre-order page can be found on the OMW website here:

Retaliator Stage 1 kit

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