Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Jolt and Stryfe in the Bay Area

Jolt photo taken at Best Buy in Santa Clara
Both the "Elite" Jolt and the Stryfe have been spotted in the Bay Area. The Jolt was seen at Best Buy in Sunnyvale. A Toy's "R" Us in San Jose has been reported to have the Stryfe.  The Jolt at Best Buy is retailing for $4.99, while the Stryfe at Toys "R" Us is going for $24.99, more expensive than either Amazon or Walmart.

While the Jolt has a new paint job, and the nose has been changed a little, it does not actually mention the Elite line anywhere on it or the packaging. Looks like Nerf may still be reserving that for blasters that hit certain ranges.

Special thanks to Amy, who dropped the news and snapped us a picture of the Jolt at Best Buy.
Reddit post by Docheisenberg sighting the Stryfe can be found here:

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