Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper Confirmed!

There has been lots of speculation surrounding the production of an Elite version of the Alpha Trooper, including leaked proposed internals and an unconfirmed shot of the blaster. However, the bloggers over at UK Nerf War have some pictures suggesting that it will be available there in March:
"Spotted in the new Spring/Summer copy of the 'Argos' catalogue by one of our eagle eyed followers, the Elite Alpha Trooper will be available from March."
No word yet on a US release date, so stay tuned as details unfold. For now, we'll all hope that this doesn't follow the pattern of the Stockade, which still hasn't shown up here!  Also, interesting to note is that there is still no confirmed name for the blaster. Originally many rumors were disregarded as pictures show a fuzzy "Alpha Trooper CS-18" (or 12 as some claim, it's hard to tell) on the side of the blaster as well as the old N-Strike logo. This seemed to not keep in line with the new naming convention of the Elite series. However, with the release of the Triad EX-3 and the Rough Cut 2X4 it's possible that the CS-12 is a reality. Only time will tell.

The original post can be found here:

Hit the jump for more pictures from some leaked internals that were originally found here:

Elite Alpha Trooper

Elite Alpha Trooper internals

Elite Alpha Trooper internals

Elite Alpha Trooper internals full view

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