Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mega Centurion and Revonix360 Coming Sooner Than We Thought

It looks like our friends over at have passed through some more Nerf blasters.  First it was the Rapid Strike, which appears to be the successor to the Stampede. Now they have listings for the Mega Centurion and Revonix360!  Here is the translated description along with the original French description for the Mega Centurion:
"Mega Centurion is a gun to look and unique power: it draws more than 30 meters! Equipped with a tripod, it is the most accurate range. Charger included 6 darts"
"Le Mega Centurion est un pistolet au look et à la puissance unique : il tire à plus de 30 mètres ! Equipé d un trépied, il est le plus précis de la gamme. Inclus chargeur 6 fléchettes"
Revonix360 descriptions:
"A gun that shoots 3 discs at a distance of 15 meters! It is equipped with a rail for accessories to accommodate the nerve."
"Un pistolet qui tire 3 disques à une distance de 15 mètres ! Il est équipé d un rail permettant d accueillir les accessoires Nerf."
Could it be we're receiving the new Mega Centurion and Revonix360 sooner than expected? More news to follow as it comes in. In the meantime, which blaster will you add to your arsenal? Let us know in the comments below which blaster you're looking forward to the most!


  1. I alreday have a post pf the Elite Mega Centurion on my Blog at almost 2 weeks.Check:
    But that´s Ok!

  2. WOW! Now im getting suspicious about this Shop.Ch site. Could it be that they are jokesters and playing with our foam filled emotions or is this a a legit site. Im not saying they are but it now seems a little fishy. Anyways good find, you too Extremenerf.


  3. OK I take that back, I just saw the pics on Tactical Tag....sorry guys.

  4. ive compared it with the beehive list of things what a webshop does and does doe not or not suposed to do not and it seems not very reliable