Sunday, March 31, 2013

Phone Mount Mod for the Stryfe

Happy Easter everyone! We got a Sunday treat for you modders out there who are looking to record video during your games. Our buddy BFU has designed a simple and clean cam mount that can be used with the Nerf Stryfe and potentially other Nerf blasters utilizing the rail system. Full write up after the break!

Major props go out to BFU for coming up with this mod, which is easy to put together but effective in it's execution. To do this mod, you will need to purchase the Joby JM1-01WW GripTight Mount available at Fry's Electronics or Amazon. You will also need a 1/4 Nylon Screw and nut, which can be purchased at most local hardware stores. We got ours over at Orchard Supply Hardware.

The 1/4 Nylon Screw will be placed in the blaster where the dart lock is located. We use a nylon screw because it's easy to cut down the head of the screw with an x-acto knife to allow it to easily fit in the blaster.
Once the head is cut to size, open the blaster and remove the plastic dart lock on the tactical rail.  The empty space left behind will be where we place the head of the screw, with the body of the screw leaving the top of the blaster. You may need to shave down the dart lock hole or the nylon screw to get it to the right size, but it should be a pretty close fit. Once the blaster is reassembled, your screw should look like this:
After that, all that's left is taking the mount and loading it onto your screw.The nut is used to secure the mount onto the blaster. The extra length of screw can be cut off for a cleaner finish. We recommend using a case for your phone when using this mod, to ensure that if your phone does fall off, it will be protected. For added security, rubber bands or elastic can be used around the phone and mount to ensure it doesn't fall off the mount.

POV with the Stryfe:

What do you think of the Mod? Do you see yourself using this in your games to capture footage? Let us know in the comments below!

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