Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bay Area Nerf Game Roundup May 2013

Hey Everyone, Josh and I wanted to start doing a new feature on our website where we take a look at all the games running in the Bay Area and post about them in one easy to read megapost. Let's get started!

Bay Area Urban Recreational Nerf (B.U.R.N.): BURN will be hosting their month event on Saturday, May 11th starting at 11 AM. It will be down in the South Bay in Sunnyvale. This event, we were fortunate to get our hands on an Elite Alpha Trooper to raffle off! Check out the event page for more details!

Zombies! (UCSC): Zombies on your Lawn can be a major problem. Especially if your lawn happens to be among the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. The UCSC game will be on May 11th at 1 PM. Check out their event page for more details.

HvZ: SFSU: There's an exciting night game for Humans vs Zombies going on at San Francisco State University on May 18th starting at 7:30 PM. Check out the details and their promotional video on the event page.

Jericho - The Urban Spy Game: Into espionage? Have a problem trusting those around you? Then it's time for you to get into the Spy Business! Jericho takes place in a city environment letting people play as spies. Their next event is May 18th at 1 PM, check them out on their meetup page.

Foam Action Network: Our buddies up in San Francisco are hosting an event on Saturday, May 25th at 1 PM. The theme of the game is tactical ops, pitting tactical squads against each other to complete objectives. Foam Action Network is also planning a lot of big event for the whole Bay Area, so stay tuned to their main page. For more specifics on their HvZ event, check out their event page.

Bridges Rock Gym; If you're looking for a truly unique experience playing Nerf, check out the Bridges Rock Gym Nerf Nights up in El Cerrito. Climb walls, run on padding, and duck behind cover! Technically not in May, but their game will be on June 1st. Admission is $10 and spots are limited, so fill out their waiver on their website and call today to save your spot!

Davis Urban Gaming Group (DUGG): We're going a little north of the Bay Area, but every Saturday at 8 PM the good folks over at UC Davis play Nerf on their campus. Check out their group for more details.

Novato Nerf Nation: Up north in Novato the NNN has biweekly Nerf wars! If Saturday's are hard for you to make, these games take place biweekly on Sundays. Check out their next game on their event page.

If you would like to be included on our megapost, or would like permission to add your events to our Bay Area Nerf event calendar, please comment below or email us at

Happy Nerfing!


  1. Woah, great job compiling the information guys. I'm a bit surprised that there's so many Nerf game options to choose from!

  2. Hey, can you guys also include Novato Nerf Nation? We have decent size Nerf wars every two weeks.

    1. Hey Chase! If you'd also like to post events up on our calendar and you have a gmail account, shoot us an email ( and we can give you permission to access it and add/edit events.

  3. Hi Chase! Thanks for the reminder, I added you onto the page and linked your group and your next event.

    1. Thanks, Shawn! And by the way, I love you and Josh's podcast! :)