Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 12: Rapid-Rev-Turion!

Josh and Shawn speculate on the new Rapid Strike, Revonix 360, and Mega Centurion.

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  1. you said 4 AA batteries, it uses 4 C batteries, and the blaster is nicely balanced as you can balance the blaster on the 18 round magazine.

  2. For the revonix, the side loading is a lot better for a disk blaster the magazines, vortex blasters are mainly used inside and magazines aren't as good as the essentially shotgun style loading(like the dart tag blasters).

  3. The biopod is removable, it is 1.5 meters long, the front barrel is suppose to not be detachable and suppose to help increase the range(tighter barrel fit on darts?)

  4. There are 2 n-strike rails on the centurion, the stock looks fixed like the stampede.