Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 13: Peeks and Leaks May 2013

Josh and Shawn discuss recent leaked blasters, how they can change the game, and announce their Elite Alpha Trooper Give Away contest!

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  1. the rapidstrike videos had a stock fire rate and the increased fire rate video a 25 dart drum is being used.

  2. you keep talking about how the centurion and the mega line is going to destroy the elite but it will not and can not. the size of the darts makes the blaster sizes limited and also the size of the needed plunger. I don't think this is a whole new line but a sub line like the multishot madness and the zombie strike. the rough cut and the diatron didn't damage the vortex or elite lines. THEY ARE SPECIALIZED blasters for the elite line. You can't ever have a mega line alpha trooper because of the limited ammo and the size needed. etc...

    1. Not saying it will, just that we hope it doesn't (or that we at least get some more time with the Elite line before it's phased out). I'm personally also hoping it's more of a sub line. (I couldn't see the Rough Cut destroying the elite line because it uses Elite darts.) I'm more concerned that Hasbro will (in an attempt to get better ranges) push this line. Basically, similar to what they did with the Elite line when it came out. It's ranges dwarfed the old N-Strike stuff by comparison, and the blasters were better. Now, some new blasters won't even take old streamlines without modification to the AR pegs. Not to say any of this is bad, just something we've seen Hasbro do in the past and therefore are weary of new ranges and new darts driving to be the new standard.

      As for a mega Alpha Trooper, of course they can't re-shell the internals like they have with the current Elite stuff. But that's not to say they can't make a blaster that is similar in size, or at least something relatively smaller than the Centurian!