Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 14: Global Nerf Market

Josh and Shawn try to use logic on Hasbro's methodology for global releases of new blasters, and remind everyone about their Elite Alpha Trooper Give Away contest!

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  1. Great show, I enjoy listening!

    As for the Pinpoint sight availability in the US, from what my contacts tell me, there aren't any US retailers that want to stock it, and that's why we aren't seeing it yet. Tell your retailers what you want to see, and maybe it'll come here too!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Mr. K! I'll have to try to contact some local retailers and see if we can get vocal about getting pinpoint sights here in the US. It's odd that they don't want to stock them for fear of lack of interest, yet I keep seeing Nerf brand night vision goggles, cameras, speakers and other "accessories".

  2. The barrel length here is significant because people have speculated the Centurion has a huge plunger tube. This mean it moves a lot of air. However, usually, the amount of air to break the coefficient of friction when the dart is in the bolt is less than full amount of air the plunger has available. So in this, a long barrel (assuming there is a good seal from bolt to barrel) helps use more of the air.
    Just a thought.