Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bay Area Nerf Game Roundup June 2013

Hey Everyone, summer is here and it's time to get out and play! Here's a list of all the Nerf Games going on in June!

Foam Action Network: It's going to be a busy month for FAN! First off, we have the HvZ event "Triage," where humans scout out a recently infected zone of the city and fight off hordes of zombies. The game will take place on June 8th at 2PM in Washington Park. For more specifics on their HvZ event, check out their event page. There's also the return of "A Friendly Game of Assassin," this time with a team based element in the deadly ongoing competition. Check out the details and sign up today here!

HvZ: SFSU: Dealing with Zombies during the summer can be such a pain. You're not only dealing with the hot sun on your back, but also the affect of zombie flesh going rancid in the heat. Lucky for us, the HvZ group in SFSU thought ahead and will be hosting a night game on June 8th at 7:30PM on campus! Check out the details and their promotional video on the event page.

Jericho - The Urban Spy Game: Pop Quiz: how many shots does a good spy need to eliminate their target? Trick question, a good spy doesn't let out that information. Jericho will put your skills to the test at their next event on June 15th at 1PM over by Hayes Valley/Alamo Square, check them out on their meetup page.

Bay Area Urban Recreational Nerf (B.U.R.N.): Let's get ready to ruuuummmbbblllllllle! This month, B.U.R.N. is hosting a Mike Tyson's Punch Out themed event, stolen bikes and ear chewing not included.  Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase on site, and we'll be raffling off another Alpha Trooper and other Nerf Blasters. Come duke it out on June 22th at 11AM down by Braly Park. Check out the event page for more details!

Bridges Rock Gym: I know you guys are practically climbing the walls waiting for the next Bridges Nerf Night event where you can, well, literally climb the walls. Admission is $10 and spots are limited, so fill out their waiver on their website and call today to save your spot! You can also check out their Facebook Group and event page for more details.

Sunday Showdowns: Last but not least, we have the Sunday Nerf Gang hosting their showdowns over in Memorial Park in Cupertino. This is a casual get together where many different game modes can be played, such as HvZ and cowboy rounds. Their games are usually on Sundays, feel free to check them out and see if your tough enough to roll with their group.
If you would like to be included on our megapost, or would like permission to add your events to our Bay Area Nerf event calendar, please comment below or email us at

Happy Nerfing!

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