Friday, July 26, 2013

Rapidstrike Battery Conversion

Just a quick video about easily (and cheaply) converting your Rapidstrike to take AA batteries.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


With the Rapidstrike shipping from, it was only a matter of time before this happened.
 We give you.... The RapidStryfe! Because everyone needs 70 darts on tap. 
RapidStryfe, not shown with 2X35 round drums... yet.
Special thanks to B.F.U. for sending us this picture of his creation! Hopefully it will see some action this weekend and he'll have a more detailed report after further battle testing (along with more pictures!). Some of you may remember B.F.U. from the Stryfe Cam Mount video, keep your eyes peeled here as we'll be featuring some more of his creations and frankenblasters in the near future.

Goodbye Pocket

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 18: Humans vz Zombie Strike

Feast your braaains (and ears) on this episode, where Josh and Shawn discuss the upcoming Zombie Strike line.

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YouTube Link after the break. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 17: Tek Recon

Josh and Shawn interview the folks over at Tek Recon and discuss their upcoming line of blasters.

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Bay Area Nerf Game Roundup July 2013

DUGG: You can't keep a good zombie down, thankfully the Davis Urban Gaming Group is hosting an HvZ (and more!) event on campus Saturday, July 13th. Are all you ghouls ready to play at "The Deathstar"? Night Of The Living DUGG kicks off at 8pm, so head over to the event page for more details.

Jerico - The Urban Spy Game: It's a espionage double feature! Prepare for two thrilling nights of action and intrigue! First, on Monday, July 15th prepare for Jerico: A Weeknight Home Game on Jerico hill at 7pm. Then return to San Francisco with a licence to kill on Tuesday the 30th; Jerico On The Road - Fisherman's Wharf begins it's mission briefing at 7pm. Check out all the details and sign up at their meetup page

HvZ: SFSU: Return to the campus of the dead and prepare for a night of terror and Nerf! Help contain the outbreak and try not to get turned, or be a zombie and get ready to taste those delicious braiiins! The HvZ group and San Francisco State University will be holding a game on Saturday, July 20th at 7pm on campus. More details and signups can be found at their event page.

Bridges Rock Gym: Prepare for truly unique experience, where you can climb, jump, and tag your way to victory! Bridges' Nerf Night event this month takes place on Saturday,uly 20th at 7pm. Space is limited, so hurry and fill out the waiver from their website and call to reserve your spot. Admission is $10, be sure to check out their event page for more details.

Foam Action Network: There's no rest for the wicked, or you for that matter! Brave the hordes at Fort Mason and battle for the survival of the human race! Humans vs Zombies: Clear and Hold takes place on Saturday, July 27th at 2pm. Be sure to get all the details at the event page.

Bay Area Urban Recreational Nerf (B.U.R.N.): Racecars? Lasers? Areoplanes? It's a Nerf blur with this month's B.U.R.N. event: Nerf Tales! As always snacks and drinks will be available onsite as well as raffle tickets available for an Elite Alpha Trooper, so don't forget to bring cash!  This is an all day event Sunday, July 28th, starting at 11am in Sunnyvale. Crash land at the event page for more details.

Sunday Showdowns: Join this rag tag band of rogues every Sunday, in Memorial Park in Cupertino. It's good casual fun, with a variety of game types and some blasters you just might not expect. Test your skills and prove yourself at the Showdown.

If you would like to be included on our megapost, or would like permission to add your events to our Bay Area Nerf event Calendar, please comment below or email us at