Monday, August 12, 2013

Tek Recon Update

Hey Taggers! Just a quick update, the folks at Tek Recon were kind enough to get in touch with us regarding our review of the Hammer Head. They believe that our severely stunted ranges and performance is an isolated incident and will be shipping us a replacement! We'll hold off on our video review until we get this. But expect something soon.

As always Tek Recon continues to be great with communication and feedback from the community. They even addressed the issue of these blasters hitting shelves before KickStarter backers on their Facebook page:
"TRibe and Kickstarter Backers - It seems like some retailers may have jumped the gun and expedited product shipments. We are looking into the issue right now and will be following up on Monday as soon as we have all the facts. Our intention has always been and remains for Kickstarter backers to receive product first.
We apologize and appreciate your support."

Then again, with this email going out to all their KickStarter backers:
"TRibe we are listening and we hear the disappointment of many of you loud and clear. It has always been our intention to plan to make sure that our kickstarter backers receive product ahead of retail availability. The development took longer than expected and were faced with the difficult decision to either ship some retail inventory first or lose the retail placement for the year based on contractual obligations. Ultimately the Tek Recon project could not succeed without being at retailers. We regret that this did not allow us to get your shipments out first and we are truly sorry. To all of our backers we appreciate your patience and support while we get out of the starting gate. The main focus of our kickstarter campaign was designed to help fund the building of a robust APP and thanks to your we have delivered. The good news is that product will begin to ship early next week and as a good gesture to our backers, each blaster will have an extra supply of NRG Rounds. We are committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback' we are listening and want the Tek recon experience to be nothing short of awesome. Please contact us at to make yourself heard."
Once again, Tek Recon is showing some real love for the community with their desire to keep communications up and open. We love getting feedback from a company as much as we love giving it, and Tek Recon has been on their game every step of the way with responsiveness. Likewise we'll keep you all informed once we've got more to report.

Happy Tagging!


  1. This is something you won't see Hasbro do. It's called the Nerf Internet Community but Hasbro aren't even a participant. We saw nothing like this when the Centurion turned out to be less than satisfactory.