Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nerfcast Ep. 24: The Long Halloween

The infamous "Unlucky Charms"
Prepare for a special episode of Nerfcast! To apologize for missing our last scheduled episode due to technical difficulties (We recorded an hour and a half with Bobololo that was a mess of white noise after we listened to it.) and to celebrate Halloween, we recorded an extra long episode for your listening pleasure! We invited B.F.U. back to talk about our latest Halloween game, the end of the season, Nerf news, the Zombie Strike line and more. We even get into some video game discussion as well as what we enjoyed about this season and plans going forward. We hope you enjoy, and have a fun, safe Halloween!

YouTube link after the break.


  1. Man, I am so glad you guys mentioned this on the Facebook Page. I've been so busy, I've missed a lot of podcasts from you guys. That, and it's always fun to get a mention and feel like "Oh wow, I'm famous on the internet"... regardless of whether it may or may not be true.

    1. You ARE famous! Well, at least to us you are. We were readin' your blog before we even started Nerfin' and it was a huge inspiration to start up BAN. We were honored to hear that you were listening to the podcast and hope that you'll enjoy future episodes!

  2. Still enjoying your podcast! BFU the reason your trust fire Stryfe sucks is because of voltage sag, you were probably lucky to get 4v out of those under load. Try IMR 14500 cells, they will give you the current the motors need. They cost a bit more but work much better. Or switch to LifeP04 packs from Hobbyking, you need a quality balance charger but the packs are really cheap and last great.