Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nerfcast Episode 27: 20% Cooler

Join us for a very special episode of Nerfcast, now with more science! Josh, Shawn and B.F.U. join special guest Mitchel to discuss the Magnus release, news of the elite vulcan, and new suction darts! Journey into the mystical land of science and learn the secrets of the aerodynamic center of pressure. Don't miss this weeks Reddit rant and some very special shoutouts! It's an extra jam packed episode of Nerfcast!


  1. You have a commercial Panzerfaust for the howler ball already,

    Great podcast again! The listings on Argos are notorious for not having great descriptions. They basically re-used the old description with a new picture.

  2. I made an air cannon that shoots the Nerf pocket aero flyers:
    I also built a spud gun, but then the cops came and said we couldn't shoot it anymore. Probably my favorite things I've ever made; more fun than any Nerf blaster I've modded so far.

  3. Two things you mentioned stuck out to me that I thought might deserve clarification in the next podcast:

    1) You mentioned probably using the Magnus as a secondary, but even with all your discussion I can't understand why. Even if it works flawlessly and you mod it to accept a Centurion magazine, you just have a Retaliator. The only functional advantage it has over a Hammershot seems to be novelty, so let me know what I'm missing.

    2) You expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the Havok, but I question how much more effective than the Hail-Fire or Rapidstrike it can really be to offset the Havok's additional cost/weight/complexity. I have an aversion to flywheels, but I recognize that it is a completely aesthetic and trivial preference. Is the love for the Havok a similar aesthetic leaning or am I missing something?

    I (usually) look heavily toward function over all else, and am exceedingly critical when it comes to blasters and features/performance. I didn't understand if your interest in the Magnus/Havok were subjective choices (in which case, whatever makes you happy) or if there were design advantages that just weren't fully conveyed in the podcast discussion.

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