Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beware My Power....Cheap Clip On Light

Recently I have run across a very inexpensive way to create a flashlight for nighttime Nerf craziness. While looking for dart containers at my local Storables location I came across this little light below:

Pretty Box!!

I had intended to leave the light on its clip mount and just come up with a way to attach it to a blaster or a tac rail. Upon further inspection I realized that I could easily unmount the little light and that got the hamsters running.

Tempting to keep the clip......

 Some dremmel work and sanding later I was able to come up with this:

but get that dremmel and go to work.
I looked at all my blasters and decided I had to put this into the bottom area of the Hammershot. A little dremmel work on the blaster and some glue and Wiff Bam Boom...Abbra Kaddabra: 
Step 2: If you like you better put a light in it.
I know it looks kinda weak in the photos but in the dark it works really well. You can change the batteries out if they die and I think it looks pretty neat. The best part is the light costs $3.95 so it won't break your bank to try some neat mods. Well that's all for today and remember:

This is the Light of the Bay Area...may it be a light to you in your darkest of hours.....and keep the foam flinging.

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