Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Got The (Elite) Blues

Best Elite EVAR!
Ok Hasbro, what gives? Why do you make things so confusing? We've heard in the past that elite ranges were the new standard, and we were happy about that, ecstatic even. We were diggin’ reshells of our old favorites and lovin’ the new and innovative designs that were debuting. It was mostly easy to tell the difference from old to new, most of the old stuff was yellow. The few that weren't were easily distinguished by the blazon white stripe of the elite line.  So why Hasbro? Why are you re-releasing non elite blasters with elite colors?! First the Jolt, then the Barrel Break and the Reflex. To my knowledge these weren't the bestselling blasters to begin with, so I can understand not wanting to spend the time and money to improve them to elite ranges. So why repaint them?! Listen, I get it, you want more variety, but you want to phase out the yellow of old. Fans will see it as tainted and under performing. So, why not release them in a different color? Or without the white stripe? Or NOT AT ALL. I mean, they had their day in the sun, if they weren't great sellers why bring them back? You already have superior offerings at those price points and with similar blaster types. 
It doesn't stop there; S.B.N.C has discussed some rumors that the Longstrike may be getting similar treatment. Say it ain't so guys! Personally, I love the Longstrike and would be stoked if it were released as part of the proper elite line, getting the new “standard” ranges. Still, we've moved on yet again. The blue and white stripe are apparently a thing of the past:

From Mylastdart:
“I mentioned back at last years 2013 London Toy Fair, that N-Strike was being phased out. Well that is still the plan, but now they're adding the Nerf Elite Blue blasters to the list. As retailers work thru selling off the old N-Strike (yellow) blasters, they will now no longer be able to order Elite Blue blasters. Instead they will be stocking the new Elite Orange Whiteout scheme.”
So… No more blue? Is this your answer to confused fans? But wait, I thought the elite ranges were the new standard? Ok, ok, fine. Let’s do this, white and orange, orange and white. At least there’ll be no more confusion. Oh hi Havok Fire! Wait, you’re not getting elite ranges? But…But…You’re a re-release of the Vulcan! AND YOU’RE WHITE AND ORANGE!!!  Maybe next they'll start makin' the MEGA line blue, or go back to yellow, or... oh, wait...
What is this? I don't even...