Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nerfcast Episode 30: London Toy Fair with My Last Dart

We're back again, this time to discuss the big reveals of this year's London Toy Show. We're proud to welcome back My Last Dart as a special guest on the podcast again. We hit on all the new previews, the Mega Thunderbow, the ZombieStrike Slingfire, the Rebelle Agent Bow, and of course the Demolisher 2 in 1. All that plus your questions and more!

Video after the break.


  1. The demolisher is going to be better without AA batteries, more room for RC packs! As for carrying 18 clips, c'mon you can get these
    Ash shame on you for not reminding people of a British designed, tested and made product. I have a hex stack, it can have belt attachment, has molle loops on the outside to attach more clip holders or other molle gear, it also fits any molle vest or rig and comes in loads of colours. I am only a very happy customer.
    It's nice to see you guys too!

  2. was this recorded before the cam ecs-12 was leaked?

    1. I guess yes, as they never talked about it! Looking forward to the next one already.