Friday, January 17, 2014

Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse....During Lunch Break

Scary Box!!!
While doing my daily Amazon browsing hoping to find Nerf blasters on sale I came across some pretty cool looking zombie targets that are usually meant for BB guns. They were on sale for a little over $10 so I figured why the zombie not.

 I have to admit that these things are pretty neat. Nerf guns don't make them spin and flip over at all but shooting them gives a nice sounding TING when you strike one. I have been setting these up all over the place and having target practice while quick drawing my Hammershot (Buy IT!!!!!). 
As you can see these targets can pretty much be set up anywhere and are pretty darn fun. They do fall over once in a blue moon so please don't put them above your TV or X-Box or anything like that.

I am going to add this product to my recommended buy list because it's a cheap cool way to practice for the time of the brain eaters and they are silly for for around $10. 

Thanks for reading I'm off to find some robot targets to prep for the robot apocalypse that coming too. Stupid sexy robots always taking over the earth....

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