Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick Review Dorm Labs: Fore Grip and Shotgun Grip

Gonna Need Some Paint
I admit I am on a mission, our Nerf group really doesn't like the Rampage so I have never given it a chance. Now that I have been part of the NIC for a bit see that a lot of folks swear by the Rampage over the EAT. So thanks to my good buddy Jangular for the Rampage trade and check out all the dirty details after the jumpski...

Costing $14.99 + Shipping the Dorm Labs Fore-grip is pretty awesome. The installation instructions are easy and the hold on between the grip and the blaster is tight. You have to make sure you line up the grooves right but once done its not likely to come off without snapping. Now if that was all you got for $15 I would say bah but this thing folds too!!! Press the button on the side and boom your folded down....

Josh is Gonna Love It
In summary I would say $15 for a solid fold-able fore-grip is not unreasonable. It's a great offering and Dorm Labs makes a solid product here. I would recommend buyig this instead of the Nerf branded one off Ebay because of the ability to fold it up and tightly secure it to the rail.

Its a bit slippy but it adds some coolness to the Rampage.
Coming in next is the shotgun grip for the Rampage. I am going to make this short and sweet, if your Rampage is one of your 3 most used blasters spend the $15 and get this enhancement. I have 2 minor gripes:
1.) The grip is a little slick and i will need to make it tacky so I can use it better.
2.) For the same price as the fore-grip i don't think you get near the value because it is for 2 blasters. I think $10 would have been a fairer price . 

Dorm Labs has done a great job in a short time I highly recommend checking them out and I hope they keep coming up with dope products for Nerf. I am a satisfied customer so far....Now seriously go buy a Hammershot!!! 

Go check these guys out!!!

Cool Instructions

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