Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nerfcast Episode 31: Stryfe Strife

Here it is for those of you who missed out on the live recording!

Josh, Shawn and B.F.U. talk about the newest additions to the Nerf 2014 lineup, the new Rebelle blasters leaked, the ECS-12, and the Doublestrike. We also discuss some other games in the area and of course, a Reddit Rant. Now with audience participation! To get in on the Q&A recording session (and see the podcast LIVE) be sure to follow our blog, google+, twitter and facebook pages.

Gear Up! Database:

Sorry for the audio degradation. We had a bit of a technical snafu and had to change up a couple things at the last minute. We should have it all sorted by the next episode.

  YouTube video after the break

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