Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Super Soakers Hit Target

Bows... bows everywhere.
Spotted at a Target in San Jose, CA, Hasbro's newest line of Super Soaker water blasters are hitting shelves in force. While not strictly Nerf, it's nice to see these hitting shelves this early.  Perhaps we'll see some of their foam cousin's show up a season or two early as well. Just like the past few generations of the Super Soaker line the majority of these don't seem to have triggers, but it also looks like they've all but done away with  tac rails, accessories, and the magazines... or water clips... or whatever.

***Warning Pic heavy spam after the jump.***

Finally a water shotgun.
Don't cross the 5 streams.

One pump huh?

Can we just get a water Jolt?!

Ice, ice baby.

Can we over volt it?

Foam and water... Zombie Kryptonite.

3 modes! Just like my garden hose.

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  1. Oh look, no stocks or stock attachment points. Another good source for blasters gone! Do any have a trigger that works!