Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Wishes

While we've been away for the past few weeks at conventions and plotting more Nerf-related goodness a lot has happened! Never fear we're still here and although we unexpectedly missed an episode of Nerfcast, we will be back to your regularly scheduled program this week. Maybe we'll be able to put out a special episode to make up for it.

This was originally going to just be an update for fans, but how could we ignore the huge milestone that's just passed?! No, we're not talking about the re-release of the Longshot, but the news of one of our favorite bloggers, Bazookafied over at Tactical Tag! Congrats on tying the knot! We know this is coming rather late, but everyone over here wishes you nothing but the best. Here's to years of foam and happiness.

We also wanted to send our warmest wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery over to Nerfenstein. She was recently admitted to the hospital, but has since been released and is at home getting some much needed rest. You can get more details over on her Facebook page. We just wanted to remind you not to push yourself too hard and take it easy while you get back to full strength, and thank you for all of your hard work and amazing contribution to the Nerf community.

Again, a big thanks to our viewers who have stuck around even though we've been gone for nearly a month. We really appreciate all your support and suggestions! We love fan feedback so keep it coming. You help us to provide you with new and interesting content and keep things fresh.  So that's it everybody, our quick update. Please be sure to visit Zook and Nerfenstein and give them some kind workds if you haven't already. Until next time, Happy Tagging!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nerfcast Episode 37: Moderated Debate

Welcome back B.F.U.! This episode the BoomCo. debate rages on, we talk about Nerf as cosplay, what we want to see in Nerf videos, and some Reddit love.

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