Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zing Firetek

The latest offering from Zing is a nice little improvement over the baseline model. The Firetek is pretty sleek and futuristic looking. The light up feature is actually fun to use, and could be pretty fun at a night HvZ game. They've streamlined the look and feel of the already successful design, and incorporated something new and fun. The arrows are solid, and there's no issue with using old arrows if you have them, so it's  not as if you need to switch ammo types. They've also integrated the bands inside the bow arms, something previously done in the Legendary longbow. One thing to note is because this comes with three whistler or sonic arrows that light up, it does not have the arrow holders that some of the other models have. If you don't already own a Zing bow, and are contemplating playing at night this is a great bow. If not, I'd just go with whatever floats your boat in terms of aesthetics, the performance is pretty much the same (even though the range claims are increased on the Firetek). The base model Z-Curve starts at around $20, the Legends is around $25, and the Firetek is $30, with other models landing somewhere in between the $20-$30 range. Check out the video for a more in depth look and a nighttime firing test.

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