Tuesday, January 13, 2015

500 Subscriber Giveaway!

Yes folks, that's right! As a big thank you to all of your YouTube subscribers we're giving away some awesome prizes! We couldn't have done this without all of you, so this is our little way of saying thanks. Want to win some cool stuff? Don't want to watch a short five minute video? Fear not, it's easy! First, you have to be a subscriber, since, this is a thank you to helping us get this far. If you aren't a subscriber already, don't' worry, you can still subscribe to our YouTube channel and enter! Next, send us an email with the subject  "500" (without the quotes) to bayareanerf@gmail.com. In the email include you're YouTube username (we have to check that you're a subscriber) and a Nerf related picture. It can be you, your friends, custom blasters, artwork, whatever! Have you're submissions in by the end of the month, and we'll pick three winners and announce them on the podcast! For more details on the prizes and a big thank you check out the video!