Friday, June 19, 2015

Nerf Modulus Overview

The Modulus wasn't anything I was particularly excited about to begin with. I was hoping it was nice, and seemed to have some up points. I liked the color scheme, and although the price was a bit high it was less than the Cam ECS, but still more than a Stryfe. Let's face it, that was going to be what most flywheel blasters were going to be, a re-shelled Stryfe. But aesthetics and ergonomics are important. The Stryfe is a great entry level blaster, but I like the idea of having more options than just colors. I don't mind a blaster's functionality being the same but the shell being new and different. It's like the Hammershot and Sweet Revenge. Often size, shape, look and feel play a large role in peoples' opinions of a blaster. In short: having more options is a GOOD thing. Diversity keeps this hobby fun and interesting.

The day I heard these were being spotted in the wild left me much more excited than I had been when I initially heard of the blaster. Dry spells of no new releases tend to do that. I pretty much understood this blaster was going to be a bit of a gimmick, but more accessories couldn't be a bad thing right? The price was a bit high, but if you considered what you were getting in comparison to Hasbro's other offerings it wasn't terrible. A Stryfe is an average of $20. The kits that had 3 accessories were $15. That's all ready $35, once you consider that this is a significantly larger blaster, includes 4 accessories, a 10 dart mag, and of course darts, the extra $15 isn't too hard to justify. Still I felt that $40 would be about the max I would pay for a blaster like this, especially considering I likely would only use a few - if any - of the accessories.

I eagerly rolled up to B.F.U.'s. I sort of expected this to be like the Cam ECS. It was a blaster that was actually well liked but the price point was too high to recommend. This time however, there was a deal breaker. We went through the stuff we already knew: the accessories.

The stock was garbage. it was nice that it held a mag, but those skinny Recon bars leaves far too much play when shouldering to be useful. It's a shame, considering that it holds mags quite well, and it took a lot in our shake tests to get them out.

The barrel attachment is only notable as another barrel can be stacked on top of it. Considering the flywheels are all ready fairly far away from the muzzle and have a lot to go through, I don't see why you'd really want to hinder a dart more with further faux barrels, aside from aesthetics.

The grip removes for easy painting
The sight is utter trash. It's a hollow tube. It doesn't even have clear plastic inserts. Aside from aesthetics, it's worthless. The vertical grip is as to be expected. It felt as though there was a slightly grippier (< I don't think that's a word) texture, but to be honest, it's been a looong time since I've handled a Retaliator one.

So, the attachments weren't amazing. We expected as much. The real deal breaker was the grip. This has hands down the most uncomfortable grip on a blaster I've ever used. Which is really sad, because I love  everything else. The look, the battery placement, and enough room for my hand in front of the magwell. But that grip is terrible! The edges in the back stick out and instead of a smooth transition to a slimmer front half, it's an abrupt and sudden ridge. B.F.U. got a blister after handling this thing for an hour or so just to shoot our videos!

My final verdict is a sad "no". If the price ever goes down to $30 or less I'd pick one up just to see if there is a way to make the grip comfortable, but I can't recommend it...even if it was $5 cheaper.


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