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Bloodangel's Bananna Mag Review

Mag Review
By: Angel Thunder

With the release of the F10555 nerf PMAGS there are a number of banana mags that are currently on the market. There have been a number of reviews already and this one will combined them all into a one source for all the opinions, facts, and related questions for the currently available nerf banana mags. There will be links to referenced information at the end of the article.

I’ll go over each one individually, and then compare them to each other. 

Let’s start with the actual Nerf brand banana clip. This was first revealed in January of 2014 along with the Demolisher. So far, only the Demolisher and the Modulus are the only blasters that feature the banana clip. However, Toys R Us has them currently being sold individually on their website. 

Holding only 10 darts, it is the shortest and lowest capacity banana mag that we will be going over in this article. 

The magazine is actually just a straight 10 dart mag. The spring and follower stays straight throughout the whole magazine, thus making the curved part for looks only, as it serves no functional purpose in feeding or capacity.     
Next up are the “Worker” brand banana mags. These magazines sport a 15 dart capacity come in a verity of styles. The styles come in solid orange, half clear/half solid orange, and fully clear. These appeared about 3 months after the Nerf 10 dart mag was revealed.  

Overall, Worker puts out a lot of good quality products at great prices. Some products are even better than Nerf brand products. These banana mags are no exception; they are well made and have the same look of Nerf brand magazines. 

Worker has been popping up in Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. But I find that the most reliable place to find them is on BuyChina.

Around the same time there was talk about Blasterparts coming out with their own banana mag. Also with a 15 dart capacity, this mag only comes in a matte black finish.

This particular mag has been describe as having “flawless performance” and incredibly strong/rigid.

Blasterparts has re-sellers all over the world, but you can always order from their official website.

Finally, we have the F10555 PMAGs. There is a lot of excitement over these because of their similar look to the actual firearm PMAGs by Magpul.

It is offered in three colours: orange, black, and a dark green. 

So far, everyone that has tried them; has loved them. These are starting to hit eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, and all the other usual places. But lately they have been hard to find. Temster is selling them on his eBaypage. 

How do they compare to each other? 

Well, there are number of things that set them apart from each other. For the most part, all the banana mags have been reported to feed reliably in stock blasters. So, they all do what they are supposed to do; which is feed darts into your blaster. What sets them apart from each other are the size, spring tension, amount of curve, and physical appearance. Let’s look at the pictures, shall we?      
 From a size stand point, the F10555 the shortest but thickest of the banana mags. This might make a difference depending on the mag pouches you plan to use. So far, I haven’t found a mag pouch that fits the other banana mags that does not also fit the F10555 PMAG. The F10555 PMAG also curves the least. The Blasterparts banana mag is the middle ground in size and curve. It is about the same height as the Worker banana mag, but it is just ever so slightly thicker.  All the banana mags fit into all the available blasters. The Blasterparts mag has a tight fit in the Rapidstrike and the F10555 PMAG has ribbings that may get slightly caught in the Retaliator. 

In terms of spring tension, F10555 PMAGs have the highest spring tension without question. If you want to make sure the mag you are using can keep up with the 20 darts per second rate of fire blaster, then the F10555 PMAG is the banana for you. I’m sure the Worker can keep up just as well, but there is no question that the spring tension is much higher in the F10555 PMAG. The Blasterparts mag would have the least amount of spring tension of the aftermarket banana mags; however, it is the closest in spring tension to that of a stock 18 dart Nerf straight clip. The Worker banana mag is middle ground between the 3rd party banana mags in spring tension. It is closer to the F10555 PMAG than it is to the Blasterparts mag.  

Let’s be real for a second, we all know that the only reason to run banana mags over 18 dart straight mags is to get a certain look.  So, looks do matter. The Worker mags look very similar to the Nerf brand, the Blasterparts mag looks very close to stanag style mags, and the F10555 PMAGs looks like Magpul PMAGs. Therein lies the personal preference choice on what you think looks cooler.


Conclusion – It really is a matter of personal preference on which one you think looks better. The actual performance reason to get a banana mag is the higher spring tensions in the Worker mag and F10555 PMAGs. I guess if you wanted to carrier smaller sized mags with less darts, but didn’t want 12 dart straight clips; you can consider that a performance reason. 

Picture from Temstar
It is worth noting that the Blasterparts banana mag is the only one that does not have a dart counting system. The other banana mags have options for either view slits or full windows; both on the main body and the part inside the magazine well, to check how many remaining darts you have. Even the stock 10 dart Nerf banana mag has the 3 view slits on the top portion. But Blasterparts does not.

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