Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The New Year Wave

It's a blaster, he doesn't have a "no blasters" policy
 While browsing my local target recently I came across a ton of blasters that weren't there before Christmas. While it was nice seeing new product, nothing in particular caught my interest. Then I saw this.....

Ok, so admittedly I didn't pick up any of the blasters featured in this article, but I thought it was worth showing people they're out there. None of these interested me, or would really be something I'd play with regularly. Plus the holidays hit my wallet pretty hard and I didn't have the extra cash to pony up for these guys just to do a review.

8 dart storage.. 5 darts included
So, this Kryptonite Blaster, it looks nice. Boomco seems to be using their licenses to good effect (take note Hasbro). This looks like it's a decent, fun little blaster that jumps in on the movie tie in. It's not really a game changer by any means, and it's not an interesting redesign of one of their more useful blasters. Then again, it's a Batman blaster. Let's face it, it's kinda amazing they were able to pull anything blaster related from that franchise. I couldn't expect too much more. It's not like they have access to IPs that feature lots of blasters or firearms they could make toy replicas of (HINT HINT HASBRO).

Rebelle scum! Wait... That's not right...
The Nerf blasters look like fun, but I really couldn't see them making it into my current loadout. The Lumanate (I hate that spelling) is a new Messenger, with darts that have glowing tips. Neat. Certainly worth picking up if you weren't a fan of the Messenger's grip, but I'm not sure about the finger guard thing. It might end up being too small for some adult hands. Still, it's a nice looking re-design. Also, I didn't realize at first that the model was holding on to her wrist while firing the blaster so it just looked like she had a left hand on her right arm... OO

It was Kimberly who had the bow, and was pink, jeeze!
The Lightning Bow is probably my favorite looking of the new blasters I saw. Ultimately, it's a Big Shot with a string and no trigger. Still there was something about the color scheme and the design that I really liked. It reminded me of something that belongs on the set of Power Rangers. The colors are great and the overall design for a bow looks pretty nice. I can't say if it fires better than the Heatbreak though, but using mega darts, let's hope it packs more of a punch.

Dual? But there's 6, it should be the hexa-strike
Finally there's the Dual-Strike. It's something that B.F.U. has been thinking about for a while. It fires both elites and megas. He was originally thinking of rebarraling every other barrel of a Cycloneshock. This is much more elegant. There's six barrels, three for each type of dart. It utilizes smart AR technology to fire one off at a time. You can use the selector to choose which to engage. It's an elegant little package, and a simple enough blaster. I'm not a fan of the pull back priming mech, but I feel like Nerf is testing the waters here. It's not something I'd personally find very useful (although if you have special rules for megas it could be). If this were more of a primary I could see it getting some use. Still, it's a bit of a niche, but I can see it doing well with the younger crowd, as with most of the other blasters on this list.

That's it guys, sorry for no reviews, but it gave me an excuse to update the blog. I've already seen reviews out in the wild, but it's 2am on a work night and I'm too lazy to search and link them at the moment. May your google fu be strong.  ~Josh


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