We're huge fans of My Last Dart's blog. Not only does he get some great exclusive scoops from Hasbro in the UK, but he does some great interviews! He really opened our eyes to the Nerf community in general, and would probably not know of some of the groups and people around the globe if not for this blog. With a unique blend of both his love of movies and Nerf, it's worth your while to check it out, and you don't even have to pay for admission. Popcorn optional.

Keeping it simple is refreshing in these days of crazy modding and hommeade blasters. There's no better place to get back to basics than this blog. For those who are new to nerf, vetrans, young or old alike, everyone will find something for them here. If you happen to be in Souther California, why not stop by some of his games? News, reviews, battle videos, it's all here! Basic Nerf: it's anything but.

Where do you go for some Nerfin' down under? To the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, that's where! Between concept designs, mods, news, reviews, an awesome YouTube show and more, you'll be sure to find somethin' that suits your fancy. So even if you can't afford a ticket to fly out to Australia, you can visit a little slice of Nerf heaven at the S.B.N.C. All without the risk of tagging a kangaroo, or dingos eating your darts...