Game Modes

Capture the Flag
Teams: Two
Time Limit: None
Objective: Capture the other team’s flag
Overview: Each team has a flag planted in their base. Each team tries to take the opposite team’s flag. Teams must be in possession of both flags at their base to win. While holding the flag, a player may not fire. When hit, a player must drop the flag in place. Once a player is in possession of a flag, it may not be dropped unless it is being returned to a base or the player is tagged. Players may not throw, toss, or roll the flag. The flag may not be handed off to another player.  When hit, a player must return to their team’s designated respawn point.
Respawn time: 15-30 seconds 

King of the Hill/Domination/Game of Thrones
Teams: Two
Time Limit: Two 15 min rounds
Objective: Secure and defend control points for as long possible.
Overview:  Three control points across the field have a timer with various team colors. Teams fight for control points by starting their color timer and stopping the opposing team’s. Times are added up, and whichever team has accumulated the most time wins. When hit, a player must return to their team’s designated respawn point.
Respawn time: 15-30 seconds 

Teams: Two
Time Limit: Two 5 min rounds
Objective: End the round in control of as many points as possible
Overview: An odd number of control points across the field have two colors. Teams fight for control of points by flipping the markers to their color. At the end of the round, whichever team has the most markers with their color showing wins. When hit, a player must return to their team’s designated respawn point.
Respawn time:  Instant 

Teams: Two
Time Limit: Two 15 min rounds
Objective: Move the cart as far as possible or complete the course as fast as possible
Overview: The cart (a designated player) moves slowly along a predetermined path whenever a player from the pushing team is touching them. If the team gets the cart to the end if it's path, the round is over. Teams switch and the new pushing team tries to get the cart further or finish faster than the previous team.
Respawn time: 15-30 seconds 

Teams: Free for all
Time Limit: None
Objective: Become the assassin and assassinate the target
Overview: Cards are drawn to determine your class. There is one assassin, one target, and everyone else is a bystander. When you kill someone, you trade cards and assume their role. If the assassin kills a bystander they do not to trade cards. The target may only trade cards if they kill another player. After that, a 30 second stun is in place for the killed player. The goal is to become the assassin, figure out who the target is and kill them.  The game ends when the assassin kills the target.  If the target kills the assassin, after cards are switched but before either countdown begins the new assassin may tell the target he is going to execute them. This means the new target must kneel down on their knees and the assassin may stand behind them with their blaster aimed at them. The target may not aim, move or shoot until they are able to stand back up again. (Assassin>Bystander>Target) 

Teams: Free for all
Time Limit: None
Objective: Achieve your so your class goal
Overview: There are four classes: Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw, and Renegade. Sheriff’s identity is known, all others are hidden.
Each class has different goals:
Sheriff: kill all the outlaws and the Renegade
Deputy: Aid the Sheriff
Outlaw: kill the Sheriff
Renegade: be the last man standing but kill the Sheriff last.
When a player is eliminated, they must announce their class. 

Teams: Two or more
Time Limit: None
Objective: Eliminate all opponents.
Overview: Two or three man teams. Each play starts out with one extra life represented by a dog tag. When a player is shot they remove their dog tag and count to 15. They may actively run and or hide at this time. If they are shot again, they are out permanently, but they give the player who killed them their dog tag. The player who killed them then has another extra life and puts on the dog tag. Players may have multiple extra lives but do not give their dog tag to another player until they are out. Players may share lives with teammates, by giving them dogtags. 

Teams: Two
Time Limit: 30 min
Objective: Plant the bomb in opposing base and detonate
Overview: One Team starts with the “bomb”. The bomb timer is set for 1 minute. If a bomb is defused it’s timer is reset to 1 minute. When Players are hit they are “downed” for 30 seconds and may be revived by a medic. While downed they may crawl to get towards a medic.  After 30 seconds if they have not be revived by a medic they must return to their respawn point and have an additional 10 second respawn. 
Before the game each team assigns each player a class:

Medic- Can revive other players on field by helping up a downed player. This ability has a 10 second cool down. If hit, Medics do not become downed, they immediately go back to the respawn point for a 30 second respawn. Cannot pick up the bomb.

Technician: Is the only player who can plant or defuse the bomb. If hit while carrying the bomb, they must drop the bomb is place. Technicians may pick up a dropped  bomb from on field.

Scavenger- Is the only player who may collect spent ammo. They may also pick up a dropped bomb from on field. While holding the bomb they may only return it to their base to drop it off for a technician to pick up. The may not hand the bomb off. If hit while carrying the bomb, they do not drop the bomb.

Berserker- When hit, the Berserker is downed for 15 seconds and cannot be revived by the medic. The Berserker does not need to return to respawn after this. The Berserker may not enter within a within a 5 foot radius of either base.

Optional Medic Rules
  • Each team designates one or two medics for the round (depending on number of players) with a medic bandanna.
  • The medic may not change during a round, but may in between rounds.
  • Only medics can apply bracelets to players.
  • 12 bracelets per team. 1 rez per player per round
  • If you are tagged out when the medic rule is in effect, you may take a knee, raise a blaster, and wait for a rez.
  • There is no time limit on rezing players. Once they get up or move after being downed, players must return to respawn and count a full respawn time.
  • If you are waiting for a rez, please do not block or obstruct pathways or objectives used for NPCs and Players; you may move a short distance to accommodate this allowance.
  • Players waiting for a rez may not be used as cover.
  • Bracelets must be returned to the medic between rounds. Any uncollected bracelets cannot be used after a round has started.